domingo, 29 de junho de 2014

In terms of working, I would preferable choose to be working in an engineering office with other colleagues, which would give me a certain income and better perspectives for my professional life, future and money stability.

I have some experience in this work from having worked in the past, some years ago, although I have been unemployed since then, making just some sporadic engineer documents from time to time, mainly because my father requires them for the city hall from time to time to get the licenses for his works.

Since I ended my graduation, my hopes and enthusiasm of starting to make a living have been fading away added to my father’s financial difficulties. I started to work within my father’s construction work, right when my father’s finances forced him to pay some old overdue taxes that he had, mainly because my father was not very akin to pay for his taxes in the past. His way of dealing with businesses was very careless from this viewpoint.

My father is a hard working man; although I judge him because he drinks a lot wine, which I think doesn't goes well for the cleanest thinking process. My father is a very talented builder and hard worker in the construction with a life of working experience and I learn many thinks by working near him and his two employees. Said this, my ideal was being working in an engineering office and of course that due to the actual circumstances I am impelled to the heavy physical work, which is also scarce in the present times. Realizing that it’s the alternative that I have, I have been helping my father in his work. How I relate with my father is often accompanied with some resentment due to how his business led our family to such situation in terms of money requirements.  

Often I Have to deal with the same problems over and over, mainly concerning my father´s finances and additional outcomes that have been a really disquiet for me and source of anxiety for ourselves in home, and also for me and how I am relating with others in my small social circle.

I have a very monotonous life. I live in the outskirts of a small town and I am usually given to stay at home when with unused time and in the past months spending more time in my backyard, where I am growing some vegetables, which gives me some tranquility and enjoyment.

I have been practicing yoga in classes once a week. In the morning when waking up, I also like to do some stretching and later during the day I may also do some stretching depending on my disposition. My main objective in participating in the yoga classes in my town was to be more relaxed and obtain some tranquility, although I will skip the classes for a while due to the monthly / weekly payments.

Curiously I have been investigating information about ayurveda, which is often related with yoga, from a book that I am reading for a while. It’s a very interesting book, “Timeless_Secrets_of_Health_and_Rejuvenation”, which has been making me more in touch with some concepts related with health and diet, and I find myself more recently very often watching videos /documentaries or reading books and articles about similar topics.

The area of health and diet is something that I had rarely considered in the past, and as I investigate about related topics I start understanding how specific foods affect the body.

I don’t have any specific issue with cravings or addictions, although from knowing more in depth the effects of foods in the body, I am becoming more moderated in what type and amount of foods are better for my body, in terms of nurturing and sustaining my physical body.

Sometimes I find that properties or benefits of specific foods may be contradictory depending on the author / doctor / medical system. So I concluded that in terms of food intake, it’s also necessary to take common sense, and not be making drastic changes in diet, without knowing for sure how my body will adapt.

For instance I would preferable follow a diet with no intake of animal products, although in my home I follow my family diet which often includes meat on a daily basis. My father above all eats a lot of meat products which is a diet more in relation with his work within the dogma of we must eat meat to get strength; my mother in the other way doesn’t eat meat products although she states that we, me and my sisters, have to or else we would become unhealthy and thin. I found that adjusting my diet is also an interesting thing for me to do, and I am currently getting myself more selective with food, adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and currently enjoying planting vegetables in my backyard, since I have often spare time.

Along to my preoccupation of my father`s financial issues, is also a time-consuming preoccupation for me the fact of wanting to establish a relationship with a woman. I consider myself an interesting person, although under the tension that I carry out accumulated I often send a not so cool impression on others.

Presently, my small social circle also doesn’t give me the opportunity to be in the company of girls/women very often, mostly because of how I interact with others, when in friendly environments, wherein I often am a bit detached from the environment that is created around conversations.

For instance when I do get along within conversations with friends I often find myself becoming a bit nervous after a while, because of having a background growing in my mind of preoccupation for my father’s financial situation and the fact that I am unemployed and with difficulty to have access to money, wherein the topics of my conversations often relate with money, buying things, spending money on vacations, work, social economy, social status, and so forth. 

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